Security Information Event Management


Our managed cloud SIEM delivers the real-time visibility required to effectively detect, investigate, and respond to threats across endpoints, users, networks, and cloud. All ingested data is correlated and analyzed by our powerful detection and analysis engine, turning logs and telemetry into actionable insights.

SIEM Platform

Comprehensive visibility across your entire environment.

Fully Integrated

Pre-built integrations across endpoint, user, network, and cloud make it easy to gain insights across security and technology stacks.

Eliminates Noise

Our Detection Engineering Team continuously optimizes detections and our cases module pools related alerts to reduce alert fatigue.

Flexible Retention Periods

Pick from 7 days to 5 years of retention with an easy to understand per device, per month cost.

Immediate Value

Managed detection rules and pre-built dashboards deliver out of the box value while significantly reducing set-up time.


Our Managed Cloud SIEM makes it easy to ingest logs from any source while overcoming the challenges of managing a traditional on-premise SIEM or placing sensors. As a cloud solution, we handle ongoing optimization at the global level, significantly reducing the time you spend managing the SIEM.


Detection Rules are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to help businesses quickly address threats.

User and Host Risk Scores

Risk-based dashboards aligned to a specific user and host makes it easy to proactively take action when risk exceeds a determined threshold.

Integrated Case Management

When a threat is detected, a case opens automatically. All related incidents are correlated into a single case, providing a single source to manage security incidents with context-rich data.

Managed Detection Rules

Over 500 custom-built machine learning (ML), threshold, correlation, and behavioral detections that our Detection Engineering team continuously optimizes to keep false positive rates far below industry standard. We also provide full customization for rules, dashboards, and reports as well, allowing you to make it you own.

Managed Threat Hunting Dashboards

Our Detection Engineering team creates threat hunting dashboards for the latest exploits, vulnerabilities, and zero-days to conduct targeted threat hunting.

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