Managed IT that empowers scalability, productivity, and peace of mind.



As an in-house technology enthusiast responsible for supporting and overseeing operations within your organization, you wear multiple hats. However, trying to wear them all can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

At Genuine Technology Group, we recognize the diverse roles in the IT world. Whether it’s endpoint security, Intune deployment, or email management, our team of experts is here to support you. Don’t struggle alone—let us be your trusted partner.

Ready to experience the power of co-managed IT support?


Imagine your organizations IT and Technology completely and entirely handled. From CIO level strategy down to boots on the ground, plugging in cables, we become your IT Department. At Genuine Technology Group, we’re not just another IT service provider. We’re your strategic partner in achieving business success.


With Genuine Technology Implemented, Here’s What to Expect.

Predictable Investment

Experience rapid system deployment, ease of scalability, and cutting-edge security and patching solutions that keep you protected, under reliable infrastructure management, saving you from unnecessary and unpredictable costs.

Low Turn Over

Reduce the burden on your existing operations teams who can focus on their core competencies and growth, instead of dealing with internal IT issues.

Grow with Confidence

Enjoy painless onboarding and offboarding. We take ownership of the technology, from training to shipping hardware, to the complete Microsoft 365 and outlook suite.

Increased Revenue

Reliable network uptime, while confidently securing organization data, leading to increased productivity, avoiding legal liabilities, and increasing your revenue.

The Consequence of Poor Business IT Infrastructure 

Loss of Revenue

A lack of IT infrastructure will lead to data loss and network downtime and disruptions, impacting your productivity, spurring costly lawsuits, and ultimately your bottom dollar.

Stagnant Growth

Suffer from a painful onboarding and offboarding process, taking weeks or even months to deploy a workstation, properly configure your Microsoft 365 environment, and lacking the technology to enhance workflow.

High Attrition

Overload your existing staff who end up having to “champion” internal IT issues, losing focus on their core competencies, leading to high attrition rates.

Financial Vulnerability
Unforeseen expenses and large expenses with no return on investment, squandering valuable resources for your businesses each year.

Josh H, former CEO of Firestone Pacific Foods

“The going got really tough for us as a business in 2020. Everyone here was under a lot of stress and there was a lot of uncertainty. Genuine showed up and very calmly, very deliberately, got stuff done. It’s so reassuring to work with a partner who isn’t afraid to jump down in the hole with you and help dig when times are tough.”

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