See if your business’s data is for sale with dark web monitoring

There’s a place online where you can buy anything illegal… guns, drugs – and business data.

It’s called the dark web. And it’s where criminals buy data stolen from businesses, that they can then use to try to hack them.

This video tells you about a way to see if your business’s data is for sale on the dark web.

Why you still need antivirus

It might seem in our modern age that you no longer need antivirus to protect your devices.

Not at all – it’s the opposite. Every device that’s connected to the internet needs to be protected. Here’s why.

3 scary signs your business has been hacked

 Hackers are very smart people. Not only can they break into your computer without you realizing it, but they can also cover their tracks – so it’s almost impossible to spot they’re in.


 Here are 3 signs to look out for, which could indicate your business has been hacked.

Can we train your staff to resist hackers?

 You can have the best security setup. With the most up-to-date software. And STILL, hackers can get access to your system.

 How? Through your staff.

 Hacking isn’t just about computers. There’s also an element of social engineering.

 Here’s why you should invest in training your people to make your people more aware what they should be looking out for.

The 3 scams you need to know about NOW

There are lots of cyber security scams that are targeted at businesses like yours, every single day.

Here are the top 3 we believe everyone on your team should be aware of.

The biggest business crime in the US

 Criminals are targeting YOUR business right now. In fact, they’re targeting all businesses, all the time.

 And they can do so from the comfort of their homes. That’s what makes cyber-crime the biggest business crime in the US. Watch this video – you won’t believe just how many cyber-crimes were committed last year.