Fully Managed

Pricing is based on the number of computers, users and physical locations. Each month’s investment is based on actual usage, providing predictability and flexibly.

There are two levels of service offered:


Perfect for organizations that need holistic, cost effective IT solutions. Includes our full suite of solutions: 24/7 end user support, Microsoft 365, email security, website hosting and security, backups, private cloud hosting, server and network management and endpoint security.

    • Unlimited next business day onsite support
    • Unlimited IT projects under 5 hours (larger projects are quoted as a fixed, not-to-exceed project)
    • Quarterly CIO-level strategy sessions


Designed for those with compliance needs, the Professional package includes everything in the Enhanced package and adds:

    • Unlimited 24/7 onsite support
    • Compliance documentation support (HIPPA, CJIS, SOX, etc)
    • Weekly CIO-level strategy sessions including attending company leadership meetings to represent IT
    • Unlimited IT projects of any size or scope

Note: As our service and solutions are all-inclusive, CIO-level strategy sessions are deeply focused on the organization’s goals and how IT will help achieve them. They are not the “vCIO” sales meetings that are common in our industry.


For co-managed clients, we have taken apart our fully-managed solution and offer each service separately. This is a simple menu-style usage-based pricing. You can switch from Co-managed Complete to Co-managed Basic at any time.

Each service offers two levels:

Co-managed Complete:

We take complete responsibility for the service, managing software, settings, monitoring and providing unlimited 24/7 support to the IT team.

Co-managed Basic:

We provide the software, initial configuration and training for the internal IT team to take on day-to-day management. We provide unlimited 24/7 support to the IT team.

Note: This service and pricing are only available to IT staff. While each request is manually validated, there’s no ‘sales cycle’ or requirement to meet with us before getting access.  As soon as we verify the company and that you have IT staff, a link will be sent over.