Multi-Layer Security

We do not fear you dark web.

Email, Network & Endpoint Security

Every activity and file reviewed using multiple methods with tools from multiple vendors.

8 Layers of Security

Regardless of size or industry, all of our clients are protected with these layers.  Security is built into our DNA, it’s part of who we are and defines how we serve our clients.  It’s our belief that your organization, whether a single person working from home, or a multi-national corporation, deserves the same peace of mind.

1) Advanced Email Filtering, Security & Backup

Email is the most popular attack vector for hackers.  It’s easy to send out, easy to hide the source and a critical tool for today’s businesses.  To protect our clients we use several layers of defense:

  • Advanced inbound scanning including attachment scanning and real-time link scanning:
  • Advanced outbound protection using strict DKIM and SPF rules monitored using DMARC.  This ensures that emails your customers receive are actually from you.  At the end of the day, this jumble of acronyms means we take your reputation seriously.  Emails sent by you are delivered, emails sent by hackers pretending to be you are discarded and reported.
  • Backup & Recovery with unlimited retention.  We backup all of your cloud-hosted emails and documents (Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint) multiple times a day to our servers.  One of the newest ways attackers are trying to get your money is by encrypting your hosted email and documents.  Yes, ransomware in the cloud is a real thing and Microsoft and Google do NOT have a way to restore your data.
2) Unified Threat Management - Advanced Firewall in the Cloud

Test Your Security Right Now

Most organizations use a physical firewall to protect the network. This is installed at your physical location and only protects the servers and workstations present in the building. These physical firewalls are limited by storage space and compute power, typically only providing protection against 10-15% of the most common threats.

Your staff are mobile. They work from home, the coffee shop, a client’s office, even airplanes. This means the old method of protection is completely inadequate.  So, we’ve moved perimeter security to our datacenter.

All your users and devices get the same protection regardless of where they are. Onsite, offsite, multiple locations… doesn’t matter.

This enables us to use large, enterprise-class hardware and enable every security option and feature available. We cover 100% of known threats and we add more than 2 million new ones per week. Our system uses typical signature and advanced heuristics to prevent malicious file downloads.

3) Physical Network Security


Our unique cloud-managed switches and access points provide our 24/7 Security Operations Center visibility of your entire network.  We can see exactly what ports on the switch are in use, what’s connected to them and what kind of traffic is being passed along.

In addition, we segment your network into at least three sub-networks:


Only managed, company owned devices are allowed on the internal network.  Any non-managed or unknown devices will trigger an alert, which we quickly follow up on.


Staff-owned devices, such as personal laptops and cell phones, are connected to this network.  They are limited to internet-only and isolated, so an infected device can’t impact the internal network or another staff member’s device.


Visitors or guests can connect to this network and get limited internet access.  We moderate this to ensure they can work but can’t drain your internet speeds with unwanted traffic like updates and file downloads.  They are also isolated so they can’t see other guests on the network.

4) AI-Powered Endpoint Protection, Web Filtering and Policy Enforcement


Web Filtering

All of your web traffic runs through two services provided by two separate vendors for web filtering.  One is our cloud firewall and the other is a small software agent on each device.  These layers are constantly updated to protect against malware, viruses and phishing attacks.  In addition we can easily enforce company productivity policy requirements or legal requirements such as CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act).

Consistent Policy Enforcement

Most application vendor provide methods for IT professionals to enforce certain settings or restrictions across the computers in their network.  This is called Group Policy.  Normally using this requires an onsite server and workstations that connect to that server regularly.  With our unique cloud-based solution, we can apply and enforce consistent security and application policies across all your computers regardless of location.  Even if you don’t own a server.  In addition we offer several enhanced management options such as:

  • File Association Manager (force files to open with specific applications)
  • Browser Router (force certain websites to open with specific web browsers)
  • Least Privilege Manager (allows applications to run with administrative permissions while the user is still restricted)
  • Java Rules Manager (force specific versions of Java for certain websites or applications)
  • Start Screen & Taskbar Manager (consistent Start Menu and pinned Taskbar icons across departments or the entire company)

Firewall Agent

Our firewall agent automatically creates a connection to our datacenter when an internet connection is detected.  This connection provides full Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall protection to the device and access to office resources (such as files and printers).  This is a fully automated, zero-touch software, no action is required  by the user and works with all desktop operating systems and mobile devices.

AI Device Protection

Going far beyond typical antivirus software, Deep Instinct uses AI deep learning, a quantum leap in endpoint protection.  This solution goes far beyond signatures and heuristics using artificial intelligence to prevent attacks and infections.  This solution is exclusive to Genuine Technology Group, our clients and partners.

Intrusion Detection and Response

In the unlikely event that something passes through all the layers and infects a system, we get real humans to look at every single service, application and registry entry that’s unknown to us.  If it hasn’t been seen before our team of expert cyber security specialists will take the application apart and investigate what it does and how it works.  If a malicious application is detected these cyber security experts provide immediate response to quarantine, eliminate and then investigate the threat details.

5) End User Training and Phishing Testing
6) Website Hosting & DNS Managment
7) Dark Web Monitoring
8) Backup, Business Continuintity and Restore Testing