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Watch out hackers. This employee is ready for you.

Security Training

Regular staff training is critical for security

Regular security training is critical to the overall safety of your company data.  Hackers often use social engineering to trick your staff into giving out information or credentials.  We provide a multi-step training program for your staff:



New staff members are provided an online training class and assessment test that covers the basics of computer and network security.  In addition, we provide and ensure each new staff member signs off on network and security policies.


Weekly Micro Training

Every week we email a quick, fun security video.  Your staff will stay in tune with the latest risks and tricks.


Monthly Security Newsletters

Once a month we send out newsletter with security tips and news.


Random Phishing Training

The most common method hackers use to get access to your network is by sending out fake emails.  We will randomly test your staff’s ability to detect these fake emails by sending out phishing tests.  If they fall for it, we’ll provide them with additional training.