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Cyber Breach Guarantee

Up to $100,000 of insurance coverage included

Putting Money on the Line

In our industry, most providers avoid liability.  Anything that goes wrong isn’t really their fault even though they installed or configured your services.  At Genuine Technology Group we are financially invested with you by providing up to $100,000 cyber breach guarantee for all clients who use our standard security stack.

Coverage includes reimbursement of costs related to, but not limited to:

  • Data Restoration
  • Systems Restoration
  • Customer Notification
  • Public Relations Expense
  • Customer Credit Monitoring

Coverage Chart


Service Level Options  


Standard and Pro

Annual Aggregate Limit  $10,000$100,000
Data Restoration Cost  $2,500 Sublimit per event$30,000 Sublimit per event
Systems Restoration Cost  $2,500 Sublimit per event$30,000 Sublimit per event
Customer Notification$5,000 Sublimit per event$15,000 Sublimit per event
Public Relations Expense$2,000 Sublimit per event$6,000 Sublimit per event
Re-creation of Data CostNot Included$10,000 Sublimit per event
Consumer Monitoring  Not Included$15,000 Sublimit per event
Forensics and/or Legal Review  Not Included$5,000 Sublimit per event

The Client will be reimbursed only for ONE Claim Benefit Occurrence per twelve (12) month period

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any deductibles?
A: Yes, a 10% deductible applies to the maximum annual reimbursements. For example, if losses on a Lite subscription total $10,000 for notification of customers in the event of a breach, your deductible would apply to the $100,000 annual limit: the deductible would be $5,000.

Q: Do I have to pay anything for the warranty?
A: No, the warranty is free

Q: Does the warranty apply to user’s home computers?
A: The warranty is valid only for commercial users and only covers computers or computer systems that are owned or leased by the client. Those systems must be operated under the control of the client.

Q: Is the warranty available on my first day?
A: No, there is a 30-day wait period until your subscription is covered. The wait period starts on the day on-boarding is initiated.

Q: Are there any exclusions to the Warranty?
A: Yes. Please read Section III of the Limited Warranty Document that is available in your client portal

Q: If I have a data breach, how do I make a claim?
A: You must call 1-800-972-0059. You will be required to submit written proof of loss plus other information or documentation to substantiate the loss such as estimates, quotes, or paid invoices.