Who's in charge of your IT?

CIO as a service.

A forward-thinking, collaborative effort. We're your man with a plan.

What is a CIO?

A Chief Information Officer works alongside executives and managers to set the internal technical direction of the business.  We help set the strategy and define the required infrastructure for the technology used by your internal users.  Our job it to merge the needs and expectations defined by the management team, manage the IT budget and motivate the IT staff.

Why does my business need a CIO?

Every business, regardless of size, needs someone with technical expertise to assist in setting technical strategies, budgets and oversee implementation.  In smaller businesses, these responsibilities typically land with the owner or financial director  While these individuals have a deep understanding of the business and its goals, they may not have as deep an understanding of modern technology and what’s being developed for the future.  A dedicated, experienced CIO will watch for future technologies and plan for how they can make your business more profitable and your staff more efficient.

What are the duties of a CIO?

Exact duties vary depending on your size and needs.  As Genuine Technology Group client, you can expect us to:

  • Set IT budgets
  • Quarterly business reviews with owners and managers
  • Work with owners and managers to establish short and long term technology strategies
  • Oversee implementation of infrastructure and deployment of new technology (NOTE: this does not include end user training, software development or software configuration)
  • Interview staff to discover bottlenecks and challenges create by, or that can be relieved by the use of technology
  • Research and evaluation of vendors to provide software and hardware technology solutions specific to your business and situation
  • Planning and implementation of security standards, IT policies, end user security training and incident management