Secure Global Network (SGN) Security

Cloud-first solution combining, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), your Managed Cloud SIEM, and the tireless vigilance of your 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) team. Here’s how they collaborate:

EDR keeps a watchful eye on every endpoint—be it a laptop, desktop or smartphone. 

The SIEM correlates data from across environments, providing invaluable context and unmatched visibility. enabling our 24/7 SOC to analyze, investigate and action on.

Your SOC is the unsung hero. They stand guard, monitoring the digital horizon. 


Advanced Threat protection, prevention and detection.

Advanced threat protection

Our combined EDR/NGAV module delivers advanced detections and preventions for ransomware, malware, and memory threats like Living-off-the-Land. Our Endpoint Security utilizes a powerful analysis engine that can efficiently identify and alert on changes that deviate from baseline activity, preventing and detecting threats in real-time.

Machine learning optimized

Backed by machine learning and behavioral analytics, our Endpoint Security keeps you protected from the latest threats by recognizing patterns and adapting. This rapid adaptation keeps businesses ahead of the evolving threats, including zero-days and in-memory attacks.

Granular Control

Zero Trust Network Access provides granular control over individual access to network resources, enabling businesses to specify authentication requirements and access methods. This streamlines the implementation of least privilege and significantly improves your business’s security posture by limiting lateral movement and serving as a second layer of access control.

Genuine SGN Security Advantage

Best-in-class detection

Our Endpoint Security includes continuously optimized detection rules for high-fidelity prevention and detection against the latest global threats. We release detections instantly instead of waiting on usual release cycles, catching anomalous behavior across your organization faster while cutting down on false positives.

Suspend or kill processes

Our module combats today’s most critical threats and can suspend or kill specific malicious processes instead of shutting down a business-critical application or device.

Simplified security

Our platform includes ongoing detection rule optimization and management, ensuring a streamlined experience while delivering cutting edge prevention and detection capabilities.

Single Agent, Cloud First

Our Endpoint Security module protects endpoints regardless of where they are. When utilized as part of the full Todyl Platform, the data collected at the endpoint is instantly routed to the Managed Cloud SIEM, making full-stack visibility and security even easier. You’ll also have the option to leverage our MXDR team for ongoing monitoring, investigation, and response.  

24/7, 365 days security operations center (SOC)

Your SOC is the unsung hero. They stand guard, monitoring the digital horizon. 

Genuine combines power of a large, global SOC powered by Todyl and an in-house security team with dedicated engineers who intimately know your business and needs.

This layered approach gives you the best of both. The knowledge, capacity and wide reach of a global security team, combined with the personal relationship and deep internal knowledge of a dedicated security engineer.


What does that mean for you?

Minimal downtime, in a secure envirnoment, uninterrupted.

Our promise is simple: uninterrupted productivity. You can focus on your work, while we take care of your security.

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