Co-managed IT Services

Are you an in-house Digerati responsible for supporting and overseeing operations in your organization?

Today’s IT world is complex, multi-faceted and often downright confusing. We know, we’ve been there. Our co-managed solutions are designed to be flexible. This allows you to focus on what you’re best at, learn new skills from our experienced team and leverage our extensive tools.


Our 24/7 teams include:

  • Tier 3 Network & Server Support
  • Network Operations Center
  • Security Operations Center

Monthly investment is fixed, based on actual usage. There are no contracts and no hourly rate or unexpected billing.

We offer two levels for our co-managed services:

1. Co-managed complete

We take care of everything related to the service:  Installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring and support.

2. Co-managed basic

Leverage our tools and knowledge, but handle the day-to-day upkeep yourself.  We provide installation, initial configuration and support.

Services offered:

End user ticket capture and helpdesk software

Using our flexible, ITSM-based support system and our unique on-device software, we help capture an amazing level of detail.  Error messages, screen shots, system uptime, network health and much more.  Solve issues faster and track them with detailed, customized workflows.

Remote monitoring, management and patching

Endpoint software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Remotely monitor the systems, define alerts based using our pre-built monitors or add your own. Automatically respond to detected issues (for example, run a script when a service fails, or a log file shows a specific error). Extensive, flexible scripting system with VBScript, JavaScript, Bash, PowerShell, Batch , Python, Ruby or Groovy. Multi-level variables and much more.

Take advantage of our proven patching methodology and managed patch blacklist.

Network monitoring & management

Our unique monitoring platform provides deep, real-time insight into your network and systems. Features include a live network map, automated network configuration backups and historical logging. With detailed alerting functions, know and respond immediately when there’s a problem.

Microsoft 365 protection bundle

Rest well at night with the knowledge that your data and reputation are safe. This bundle includes spam filtering, phishing detection, cloud-to-cloud backup, forensics and incident response, threat protection, conditional access monitoring, M365 enterprise application protection, forwarding rule detection, SFP, DKIM, DMARC and much more. Add our optional 24/7 SOC response team for complete peace of mind for complete detection and incident response services.

Domain security & website hosting

The fastest way to shut down a business is for the domain to expire or the website to get hacked. Both of these situations require extensive time, effort, legal process and more to recover from. Avoid this with our cost-effective domain registration and hosting service. Our custom-built hosting stack runs hourly backups, includes free CDN and SSL certificates and has all of the benefits of a dedicated hosting platform without the hassle. In addition, we manage all of the security-related DNS records for you, including SPF, DKIM, DNSSEC, DMARC, BIMI, MTA-STS and TLS-RTP.

Endpoint security suite

The security landscape changes daily. Our battle-hardened endpoint security bundle includes multiple products and solutions that are proven to have low user impact while being highly effective at finding the latest threats. This includes a XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) agent combined with a separate persistent threat detection agent. The specific tools included in this bundle change from time-to-time as we stay on the leading edge of security detection and response. All tools are recognized by leading insurance agencies to reduce risk. Add our 24/7 SOC response team for immediate, expert isolation, documentation and cleanup.

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) & managed endpoint firewall

With a foundation of ZeroTrust, our managed endpoint firewall solution secures your devices from threats no matter where they are. With this tool we assume the local network is breached and limit access to specifically what that user needs, when they need it. All internet traffic is routed through one of our dozens (and growing) international points of presence. Combine the benefits of a full next-generation firewall (web filter, SSL proxy & inspection, secure DNS, DPI, layer-7 firewall, IDP, IPS) and a zero-touch, always-on VPN client. This unique solution provides the same, deep protection for any device (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) on any network. Ensure secure work from home, office, coffee shop or airplane while connecting resources hosted locally, in the cloud at remote locations.

Integrated SIEM and SOC services (SOAR)

Our Security Information and Event Management platform ties together all of our security offerings. Brining all security-related events and logs under a single platform. With built-in coordination and automated response, our SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) platform provides forensic evidence, root cause analysis and complete, end-to-end visibility for every security related issue.

DRaaS – backups and disaster recovery

Business continuity is one of those hidden annoyances of IT.  It’s invisible, and often presumed working, until it’s needed.  And when it’s needed, it’s critical.  Our Veeam-powered backup solutions include on-premise replication, off-site backup and rapid recovery in our datacenter.  We provide two stages of offsite backups including 30 days of immutability and up to 10 years of cold storage.  We provide everything from the software install, licenses and configuration to optional fully-managed backup and recovery planning and annual testing.