Business Process Consulting

aka CIO as a service.

A forward-thinking, collaborative effort. We're your man with a plan.

What is a CIO?

A Chief Information Officer is responsible for the flow of information within your organization.  How is information collected from your customers?  How is that information passed to sales or operations?  Where are the bottlenecks in getting information processed or questions answered?  These are the questions we ask and find solutions for.

Why does my business need a CIO?

Every business, regardless of size, needs someone with technical expertise to assist in discovering ways to optimize your existing business processes.  Through the strategic use of technology we can reduce staff load, improve automation and increase the satisfaction of your customers and staff.  Integrate.  Automate.  Simplify.


Isn’t it frustrating having your data spread across a bunch of different software, spreadsheets and systems?  Integration fixes that.  Information flows from one place to another automatically, becoming available where you need it, when you need it.


Any repeatable task can, and should be automated.  Free up your staff to be people.  They should focus on great customer interactions, not data robots.  We do this by automating mundane tasks such as running reports, reading meters and updating website inventory.


As a business grows organically, steps and processes are developed.  Often this ends up looking like your Christmas lights every year; a tangled mess.  As business process experts, we look for ways to simplify the mess.  We help reduce wasted time and duplicated efforts.